Basic Driver
Improvement Course

Prevent the points from hitting your license and the violation from being reported to your insurance!

Why this course?

EIP Michigan offers both an online and a classroom option of the Basic Driver Improvement Course. Passing a Basic Driver Improvement Course will prevent points from hitting your license, and prevent the state from showing the violation to your insurance provider – making it beneficial to anyone who has received a citation!

A course you can trust

Our Basic Driver Improvement Course is proven to reduce future traffic violations. Invest your time wisely!

Time saving

Take our award-winning online course at your own pace, where you want and when you want.** No Hassles!

Safe & Secure

Complete your transaction with confidence through our safe and secure encypted payment gateway.


Conveniently participate in the course anywhere through your mobile phone or tablet!

Pass the course

Our course has a 99.99% pass rate!

No Hassles

Students completing the course will have their status automatically reported to the Michigan Department of State.

* Plus $17.00 state processing fee.

** The Michigan Department of State mandates the length of the course (4 hours).

Course Eligibility

You are eligible for the Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course if:

  • You have received an eligibility letter from the Michigan Department of State

You will likely receive a letter from the state if:

  • You have received a minor traffic ticket (i.e. not a criminal offense)
  • You hold a valid, non-commercial driver’s license
  • You have 2 points or fewer on your driving record
  • The violation you received is 3 points or fewer, and NOT for careless or negligent driving
  • You do not have a restricted or suspended license
  • You have not completed a Michigan BDIC course any time in the past

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