Anger Management

Anger Management

This series is designed for those who have on-going interaction with the victim (e.g. coworker, family member, neighbor, etc.), or whose aggressive behavior has negatively affected other areas of their life. The six weekly sessions allow for in-depth coverage of behavioral concepts related to violent or aggressive behavior. There is also opportunity to receive feedback from co-participants and the facilitator concerning the application of tactics and strategies learned in previous sessions.

The goal of the series, which begins by defining anger, is to reduce both the emotional feelings and physiological arousal that anger causes. One cannot eliminate or completely avoid people and situations that cause anger. However, it is possible to learn to control how one reacts.

Through introspective discussions, participants are expected to examine and understand the positive and negative role that anger has played in their lives. These discussions focus on how and when anger is triggered and the relationship of power and control to feelings of anger. Participants learn about problem solving, communication skills, use of humor and changing one’s environment as means to intervene in the progression of anger to violence.

In the last session, concepts and techniques are reviewed. Participants are asked to consider long term implications of what they learned and helped to assess if counseling would be a follow-up option to the Anger Management Series.

Call to register for the: 6 session or the 12 session at: (248) 693-0336